Best Lip Fillers

Best Lip Fillers

Lip fillers with temporary, semi-permanent or even permanent results can be a viable solution for everyone who wants to define the shape of their mouth differently, rejuvenate or enhance the size of the lips. However, it would be a mistake to consider that all products are as efficient or safe to use as the best lip fillers on the market. In fact, many surgeons advise against the use of sub-standard or untested products, especially for the semi-permanent lip plumping look. The fact is that these fillers can easily backfire and give poor result lasting for up to six or seven mouths.

 Moreover, choosing the best lip fillers is also a question of choosing the most appropriate one for each and every part of the lips. For instance, the outer area of the lips, which is dubbed “laugh line”, the rim of the lips, dubbed “lipstick line” and the inner part of the lips all require significantly different fillers, in order to get positive enhancement and rejuvenation results.

As far as the most recommended substance for the best lip fillers, it seems that the Hyaluronic acid and collagen injections are the most widely known Since collagen injections are significantly more expensive and not much different in terms of efficiency, Hyaluronic acid is the usual choice. However, there is also a question of the correct amount of filler that needs to be injected in the lips, the correct targeting of the muscles and the tolerance of the person to these substances. This is also the reason why plastic surgeons everywhere warn against do it yourself practices.

In conclusion, the best lip fillers cannot be deemed without consulting an expert plastic surgeon and correctly assessing the augmentation needs of your lips. The procedures will be quite different for those who are simply trying to rejuvenate an aged mouth and those who are looking to have fuller and larger lips.

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