Best Lip Enhancement

Best Lip Enhancement

The question on what the best lip enhancement method is has been asked from the dawn of theplastic surgery industry. Granted, the procedures and cosmetics utilized have evolved a great deal, but the answer to this question is the same: it depends on what you expect it to do.

Whether you are opting for a temporary filler, a permanent implant or simply a lip gloss or cream which you need to apply several times a day, it is your choice.

Let us review the most common methods of achieving large, luscious lips used nowadays. Lip implants are one of the most common lip enhancement procedures with long lasting results, but the cost for a quality implants can reach up to $2500 dollars easily. Of course, smetimes that does not even cover the cost of the procedure itself.

In terms of semi-permanent best lip enhancement solutions, the most widely used products for the job are Hyaluronic acid and lip injections plus collagen injections. While they are not nearly as expensive as implants, the top-end injections still cost around $500 dollars. On the other hand, you will also need to repeat the procedure with a frequency ranging from two to six months.

Lastly, the best lip enhancement with a temporary effect of no longer than a day comes in the form of a Lip Plump along with a lip plumping gloss / cream. These new range of natural lip plumping solutions actually increase the lip size and create the impression that the lips are bigger by simulating the blood circulation. You will have to apply them 1 -2 times a day in order to maintain the super luscious lip plumping effect. 

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