Best Lip Balms

Best Lip Balms

Before you can decide upon what are the best lip balms that work for you, first you must understand what they are and how they actually work. The lip balm is a type of topical cosmetic commonly used  over the lips in order to keep them moist and relieve the dryness sensation or the chapped appearance. Even though each product has its own list of ingredients, most of them include beeswax, petroleum jelly, essential oils, vitamins and menthol or camphor.

The main function of the best lip balms out there is to create a layer on the surface of the lips capable of retaining moisture. In addition, the occlusive layer also plays a protective role against harmful environmental pollutants as well as undesirable weather conditions like wind, cold or UVs.

In order to differentiate the best lip balms from the not-so-efficient ones available on the market, the simplest trick is to check the ingredients list. The more natural ingredients a product features, the less harm it will do to your lips. Even though the effects of chemicals and synthesized substances are not immediately visible, they are dangerous to use over extended periods of time. In addition, another advantage of the natural ingredients, especially irritants, is that they are gentler and have milder symptoms when applied.

While our bodies are usually covered with three layers of skin, the lips are protected by softest layer of skin the body can produce. Therefore, the lips will need more protection than any other body part. Another characteristic of the products that enter the category of best lip balms is the sun protection factor. Although people do not feel the UV rays significantly during the cold seasons, the truth is that they are very much present.

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